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After working on the web app of Sortlist, with some first responsabilities, like the chat between clients and agencies. I've started to build my first mobile app project in 2017 called Jungla. the goal is to discover the hidden spots in Medellin trough a fun way. The first iteration is just a map with the best places of the city.

The technologies I used was Ionic 3, Firebase, Facebook (graph api & login) and Google Maps. With Ionic 3, I've also developed a mobile app for MySkillCamp that you can find here or here )

Jungla has been designed by Caroline Tribut

Jungla (alpha)

Compressed earth block

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As an appendix of my master thesis made in 2013-2014, I made a consulting work to try to find the best "earth mix" for Tuibake Pamue, a small company in Kasaï, DRCongo.

The goal was to find the best ratio of locals sand, earth, and gravel that'll make the strongest not-fired brick. After a strong analysis of the different materials, I made 3 samples with or without stabilizer (lime) that I tested in a laboratory.

Thesis (in French) (brick analysis pages 169-230)

PlayerWood & Soundbike

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Player Wood is a side and work in progress project to gain skills on IoT and electronics while making a pretty object. The idea is to build a mp3 player from a Raspberry pi zero and I would like to build a beautiful case in wood. The best would be to fake a screen behind the wood itself by making a part of it really thin with a matrix of LEDs behind.

PlayerWood's Progress

Back in 2014 I made a small project for a housewarming. The guests at the party had to pedal on an exercise bike to put the volume on of the music. If they stop the volume start to decrease. The tools I used was a exercise bike, a bike speedometer, an Arduino and some AppleScript on my MacBook to control the volume.

Soundbike's source code


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In 2012, while I started my study in entrepreneurship, I started to write all my ideas in a notebook. As a creative process, I write every single idea even the more stupid one, today I have more than 160 in it. In 2015, I've discovered the open source world and I've started a small blog call Morses.

I'm convinced that the more you share an idea, the more it evolve for a better. In 2017, I push some ideas of my notebook online on a fake platform I called OpenIdeas. It's just a draft of what I would like to imagine to be the Github of ideas.

OpenIdeas (alpha)


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By the end of 2016 I started to be curious about blockchain. Not by the cryptocurrencies, but more by the technology behind it and the potential of decentralized applications.

Lately, I decided to learn about how to code Smart Contracts in Solidity and how to interact with a Ethereum node through RPC/web3. In the learning process what I love the most is to rapidly teach what I've learned so far. So I started to build a course to teach how to use Smart Contract in a blockchain, starting with a first Meetup.

First lesson (in French)

Woodcraft letters

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I've co-organized a TEDx event in 2013 and I was in the scenography team. I've handcrafted for it four big letters, the ones of TEDx, in wood and painted them.

Paper craft

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Still for the TEDx event in 2013, I've designed the program prospectus. The theme was From unique individuals to collective impact, the idea was when the program is in his pocket only one hole is red (individual), but when we take the program over, all of them start to be red (collective).

As a souvenir, I've learned how to do book binding, and I've bound the 400 pages of my master thesis.


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Coocook, a project with two other guys (Marc and Antoine), was incubated as a startup during 3 months in 2015. We wanted to test the feasibility to build a marketplace for food exchange between neighbors with the idea to donate the profit made by the food to non-profit projects.

The project has been abandoned but I still learned a lot from that experience, especially from the lean startup method.


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I used to be terrible in languages at school, I was learning English and Dutch at that time. But by traveling or just meeting people from others cultures, I rediscovered the power of languages.

I've now developed my learning path to acquiring a new language the most efficiently and I speak now 4 languages:

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

I try to improve or learn at least one language per year.

Photography / Video editing

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In 2011, I've learned the basics of photography. Ever since I try sometimes to go out with my cheap camera and take some pictures.


For a video cut post Young Camp in Morocco in 2011, I made a intro and outro with Adobe After Effect. Then the main video cut was build with Sony Vegas Pro. After that first experience, for some holiday video projects, I learned how to use Final Cut Pro X back in 2012.

Never attempt to be a pro. Just enough to be able to cut some short videos.



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I have always been a music-lover. As a kid, I was "shaking my ass" on the first note. But time and shyness/embarrassment changed that.

In 2010 I decided to regain control of my body. First with a feeble start with rock'n roll and salsa. But in 2017, I discovered forr├│ and I fell in love with that dance.


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In 2013 I took some lessons for drawing lines and lights techniques. Since then I try to continue to practice by sketching during my spare time.

Next, I would love to learn/try more about colors and other techniques.